Auto-Steerable 3 Rows Coverer with Aligned Wheels and Iinsecticide Aplicator

Implement developed to perform the sugar cane covering, together with insecticide soil application in 3 sugar cane planting rows, without the need of recovering.
Composed with 6 concave discs with angle regulation, assembled in 3 sets of individual pantographic arms, the implement performs a perfect
covering independent of the soil undulations. This is also possible due to the 2 tire aligning wheels that work inside the sides furrows that orientate the implement to work in the exact point of each furrow, accompany the small alterations of the row spacing.

To be able to get this implement benefit it is necessary to leave the stabilizing bars from the tractors hydraulic system loosen. Another advantage is that the tractor tires work outside from the furrow, in other words, without damaging the sugar cane seeds by stepping on it.
The implement still has 3 compacting rolls that possibilities a better contact of the soil with the sugar cane seeds, and one insecticide applicator against soil plagues, composed with one 310 liters polyethylene tank with level display, piston pump, manometer and anti-leaking beaks, which allows an uniform application in the soil area that will be in contact with the sugar cane seeds, which contributes for a better “stand”

  • 6 concaves discs with conical bearings and working angle regulations 
  • 3 sets of individual pantographic arms (POI)  
  • 2 tires aligning wheels
  • 3 oscillating compacting rolls with conical bearings
  • 310 liters polyethylene tank with level display
  • Piston Pump
  • 2 anti-leaking beaks
  • 17 liters clean water reservoir, not potable water   

Minimum Required Power: 90 hp. 



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