1250 H Disc Fertilizer

Implement coupled in the tractors 3 hitching points, developed to perform the fertilization of the ratoon cane, especially mechanical harvesting.
Posses 4 applying sets composed by 1 26” straw cutting disc, 2 18” mismatch plain discs with fertilizer application device in depth and 2 rubber wheels that performs the straw and soil cut closure avoiding nutrients losses by volatilization
The fertilizer deposit has a capacity of 1.250 kgs and performs the distribution trough endless auger in 2 sugar cane rows. The applying sets and endless auger, are mounted in the implement in a way that, the central row receives the total doses of the fertilizer and the side rows receive half of the doses, complementing the doses in the next implement´s pass.
The 1250 H – Disc fertilizer allows the application in both sides of the sugar cane in a 10 cm depth, where are located the biggest percentage of the culture roots renovation, and as it keeps protected, it can be used formulas from any nitrogenous source, using the most economy in the application moment. 
The fertilizers, with distribution trough endless auger, are driven by hydraulic motor and the doses to be applied are regulated trough oil flow valve.
  • 1250 kgs polyethylene fertilizer deposit
  • Fertilizer distribution trough endless auger
  • Fertilizer driven by hydraulic motor
  • Fertilizer flow regulation trough oil flow valve
  • 4 26” cutting disc with pressure resorts 
  • 4 sets of fertilizer applicators in depth, composed by 2 18” mismatch plain discs
  • 8 rubber wheels to closure the straw and soil cuts
  • Coupled in the tractors 3 hitching points 
Minimum required Power: 140 HP



Spare Parts Catalogue (driven by hydraulic motor)
Spare Parts Catalogue (driven mechanical)

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