Disc Fertilizer - 2300 A

Implement developed to perform the fertilization of the ratoon sugar cane, especially mechanical harvested.
Posses 6 application sets composed by 1 26” cutting disc, 2 mismatch 18” discs with depth applicator device and 2 rubber wheels that performs the straw and soil cut closure avoiding nutrients losses by volatilization
The fertilizer deposit has a capacity for 2300 liters and performs the distribution trough mats in 3 simultaneous sugar cane rows. The implement allows the fertilizer deposition in both sides of the sugar cane in a depth from 8 up to 12 cm, where are located the biggest percentage of the culture roots renovation, and as it keeps protected, it can be used formulas from any nitrogenous source, using the most economy in the application moment
The 2300 A – DISC FERTILIZER is trailed by tractor with minimum power of 140 hp, trough traction bar, posses 2 wheels with regulation points that act together with the bar regulation point, allowing to establish the desire depth for the fertilization application.
The fertilizers, with distribution by mats, are driven by hydraulic motor and the fertilizer flow is regulated trough oil flow regulation valve and trough exit gate, what allows regulating with accuracy the fertilizer quantity to be applied.


  • 2300 liters fertilizer deposit
  • Fertilizer distribution trough polyethylene mat
  • Fertilizers driven by hydraulic motor;
  • Fertilizer flow is regulated trough oil flow regulation valve and trough exit gate
  • 6 26” cutting discs, with pression springs
  • 12 18” plain discs disposed in 2 by 2 in a mismatch way with fertilizer applicators between them
  • 12 rubber wheels that closes the Straw and soil cuts
  • 2 trailed wheels with working depth regulation points

Minimum Required Power: 140 hp


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