Fertilizer with Depth and Superficial Application

Implement developed to perform the fertilization of the ratoon cane, allowing the nitrogenous (urea) application in depth and the others in surface without incorporation. Composed by 2 deposits with capacity of 2,75 tons each one, 2 low pressure tires and trailed by tractor with traction bar coupling, the implement apply the calcareous and the fertilizer in 3 simultaneously rows with operational perform of 3,5ha per hour.
The calcareous and fertilizer distribution is done trough mats, and are driven by hydraulic engine. The calcareous and fertilizer doses regulation are made by oil flow valve that changes the speed of the mats and the opening / closure of the exit gate of the mats.

For the fertilizer application in depth, the implement posses a pantographic set driven by hydraulic piston, composed by 3 26” cutting discs with compression springs for the Straw cutting and fixed right after the cutting discs, a device “bootie” type where is attached the hose for the fertilizer application in depth.

  • 2 fertilizer deposits with capacity for 2,75 tons each one for the fertilizer application in 3 rows 
  • 2 500/45-22,5 low pressure tires. 
  • Fertilizer distribution trough mats driven by hydraulic motor. 
  • Doses regulations to be applied trough oil flow valve and mats exit gate
  • Pantographic set driven by hydraulic piston composed by 3 26” cutting discs with compression springs and bootie device for the fertilizer application in depth

Minimum required power: 140 hp. 



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