Mechanical Roots Eliminator

Implement developed with the purpose to simustanealy eliminate 2 ratoon cane rows for the cane field renew. Coupled in the tractors 3 points hitch, the implement posses 2 cutting discs that act over the ratoon cane rows.
In sequence, 2 coulter (raiser with guide) extract the ratoon, which are collected by a set composed with knifes mounted in a volute rotary system driven by the tractor´s PTO trough cardan shaft with redactor, where they are totally destroyed remaining in small fragments that are thrown in the back of the implement and remaining over the soil.
This technique is very efficient for the plague control called Sphenophorus (Sphenophorus levis) that remains housed in the reaming roots system from the old ratoon cane and in the cane field renew, feeds from the new planted seed cane, causing lots of failure in the new field. The destroy of the old ratoon cane with the implement technique, exposes the plague to solar light that performs it control.


  • 2 6,50 x 16 stabilizing and working depth regulation wheels with tires 
  • 2 23” cutting discs with working pressure device over the ratoon cane row.
  • 2 raiser type coulter in “V”
  • knifes mounted in a volute rotary system driven by the tractor´s PTO, with traction regulator device trough friction tires
  • Protection careen 

Minimum required power: 140 hp 



Spare Parts Catalogue spacing 1,45m