Sugar Cane Planter PCP 6000 Automated

Machine developed for the mechanical planting of the sugar cane culture, with the objective to decrease the seed consumption in the planted area and the influence of the human action in the final planting result.

Equipped with the distribution belts, in reverse angle and with one encoder that allows to calibrate the belts speed in RPM, the PCP 6000 Automated, returning to the bin the seed excess on the belts, making only the seeds present on the belt´s slats to be distributed into the planting furrows.

With an installed PLC (Programmable Logical Center), where all the machine operations are programmed electronically and driven by an IHM (Human-Machine Interface) installed in the tractor´s cabin, with a simple touch given by the Tractor´s driver in the touch screen, the planter performs the furrowing, fertilization, fungicide bath on the seeds, insecticide application against soil plagues and planting covering in two rows.

To maintain the seeds flow in the ideal point of the belts, to be distributed on the planting furrows, the planter has sensors that electronically operate the back pushers, keeping the belts supplied until the end of the seeds cargo without any action from the planter operator.

All the PCP 6000 Automated operations are monitored by the tractor´s driver trough 5 cameras that send the images for a monitor installed in the tractor´s cabin.

The planter is pulled by a tractor in the power range of 200hp, trough tower with 3 points hitch, with articulation point ball type to facilitate maneuvers.

Posses 2 furrow openers type “Hummingbird” with automatic disarm, with adjustable row spacing for 0,90, 1,40 and 1,50 meters and depth regulation trough stabilizing wheels. Optionally, for the 1.40 and 1.50 meter row spacing, the planter can be equipped with furrow openers with a soil rocks breaker device which provides a perfect soil preparation to receive the cane seeds in the planting line.

Fertilizer type stainless steel box for 1250 kgs capacity with level sensor, and which distribution is done trough stainless steel endless auger, or mats (optional) driven by hydraulic motor. Optionally, the planter can be equipped with 2 boxes with a capacity of 250 kg each, for the application of high reactivity limestone in the planting furrow.

With a seed bin for 24 cubic meters, sufficient to receive 6 tons of seed, PCP 6000 Automated posses 2 conveyor belts for the seeds distribution in the planting furrows trough 17 slats. The belts are placed in a reverse angle in the seeds distribution point at the furrow, that allows the seeds in excess to return to the bin and one encoder installed on its axle, indicates the belts speed in RPM. This permits to calibrate the quantity of seeds, per furrow linear meter, since that will be at the soil just the seeds present on the slats.

The presence of the seeds in the ideal position on the belts, to be distributed in the planting furrow. It is maintained by the action of hydraulic cylinders over the pushers structure. This action always occurs automatically, when the seeds level on the mats are bellow the sensors, making then uncovered, actuating electronically in the hydraulic cylinders over the pushers structures, taking the seeds to the front and keeping the seeds flow in the belts ideal point, until the end of the cargo load.

PCP 6000 Automated also poses an insecticide applicator against soil plagues with 600 liters tank and piston pump driven by hydraulic motor. Posses also oscillating Coverer with compacting rolls.

Optionally the planter can be equipped with a fungicide bath set in the waterspouts where the seeds pass before falling on the soil.
  • 2 furrow openers with polyethylene coated wings with automatic disarm, adjustable spacing to 0.90, 1.40 and 1.50 m and depth adjustment made through the stabilizer wheels with tires Super Flotation 10.5 / 80 x 18-10 ply. Optionally, the 2 furrow openers can be equipped with soil rocks breakers device for the spacings of 1,40 and 1,50 meters.
  • Fertilizer stainless steel box type with a capacity of 1,250 kg with distribution level sensor, driven by stainless steel endless auger, or mats.
  • Fertilizer driven by hydraulic motor and fertilizer flow calibration trough oil flow valve
  • 2 boxes with a capacity of 250 kg each, for application of high reactivity limestone in the planting furrow (optional).
  • 24 cubic meters bin and capacity for 6 tons of seeds, with central divider and side and back loading complements
  • 2 distributing conveyor belts with inverted angle and 17 slats each one disposed alternately, driven by 2 hydraulic motor.
  • 1 encoder coupled in the belts axle for belt´s speed admeasurements in RPM
  • 2 3 stages hydraulic cylinders to push the back cover, to maintain constant seed flow in the distribution belts still the end of the seeds in the.
  • Oscillating coverer for the two planting furrows and composed of 2 seeds settle rolls in the furrow bottom, 4 concave discs set in oscillating arms with working angle adjustment and 2 compacting rollers that compress the soil over the seeds, avoiding the formation of air pockets
  • 600 liters insecticide tank. 
  • Piston pump driven by hydraulic motor and 2 anti-dripping nozzles for the syrup pulverization over the seeds;
  • 1 PLC (Programmable Logical Center), to program the automation of the planter operations.
  • 1 IHM (Human-Machine Interface) for installation on the tractor´s cabin, for the planter operations automation
  • 5 cameras installed in the planter, one over the belts, one over the bin, one over each sugar cane waterspouts and one on the back.
  • 1 10.1” monitor for installation on the tractors cabin, for monitoring the planters operations;
  • Tandem axle with 4 500/45 x 22,5 - 12 ply low pressure tires  
  • Length 7,60 metros. 
  • Width 3,65m in operation (for transport, width of 2,60m). 
  • Wheel Gauge 3,00m for 1,5 row spacing plantation, 2,80m for 1,40 row spacing and 2,50m for row spacing of 0,90m.
  • Weight 9.100 kg (empty). 
  • Tractors 3 points coupling.
  • Working speed from 4 to 6 km/h.

Suggested working power: 200 hp



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